Let’s ease the conversation into women’s midlife health issues

Here to help you look after your body and support your health through the changes that come with menopause.

Menopause is a wonderful life phase.

It is a time when we develop confidence at work, or launch a new career, some women feel like it’s their second spring!

Are you experiencing:

Brain Fog


Hot Flushes

Not Sleeping

For 60% of women the impact of menopausal symptoms can be debilitating causing moderate to severe symptoms that affect everyday function.

Hi, I’m Lynda!

A Registered Nurse who has created a wrap around service to support you through the ups and downs from peri to post menopause in a holistic way. I am here to help you look after your body and support your health through the changes that come with this phase of life. This is important to not only feel confident and well each day but also reduce the likelihood of disease onset as we start to age.


of women don’t experience any symptoms.


will have moderate to severe symptoms that are debilitating.


will have symptoms that last until their 60s-70s.


of women come through for help. Assistance is available.

Are you struggling with?

Pelvic Floor Issues

Weight Gain

Low Muscle Tone

An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Lynda provides exercise and lifestyle advice sessions for women from 40-65 years
(in Wellington or nationwide on video call).

Book a free 30 minute call with Lynda to find out how she can help.

If you’re experiencing any perimenopausal symptoms that are bothering you, book a call with Lynda to get clarity and a plan of action.

“Lynda knows her stuff and loves to share her knowledge. There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to Women’s health. Love your work Lynda.”


“Such a fantastic service, Lynda! I know so many women who have learnt a lot of seriously valuable information from you. I predict I’ll be referring acquaintances to you often!”