Gymstick™ is the coolest and it’s making a comeback at my studio in Wellington. You can also exercise with me anywhere in New Zealand you just need to purchase a stick and we can get going.

It’s really simple and effective to use. It is perfect for our bodies in midlife to aid with balance, bone and muscle strength and coordination.

Here’s some more benefits:

💪 You can feel your pelvic floor connect. (So good right, we need this don’t we?)

💪 It helps you to get fit for everyday lifting. Strong women. Especially good for those over the head movements.

💪 You can alter the resistance to suit you.

💪 It comes with cool music 🎶 to keep you motivated.

💪 And you get to exercise with me an experienced registered personal trainer.

🤩 I’ve integrated Gymstick™ into my brand new Menopause Vitality programme (details are coming soon).

To find out more or book a spot let’s chat. Spaces will be limited as I’m only doing this 2 days a week.

Let’s get moving with Gymstick™ this year.

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