What is lifestyle medicine?

Ill health has many causes. There are often external factors that contribute, such as the political environment, sociocultural factors, financial factors and our environmental surroundings.

We know that infectious disease is caused by a microbe, and vaccines have been developed to help us to build immunity so we don’t catch these diseases.

Chronic disease, however, is often preventable. Diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, chronic obstructive respiratory disease, obesity, and osteoporosis, can often be prevented through adjusting our lifestyle to improve wellness in the long term.

Lynda is currently training through the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine in Lifestyle First Aid. Lifestyle medicine focuses on six pillars of health, to decrease a person’s chance of becoming sick with a chronic disease.

These pillars are:


Physical activity

Stress management

Restorative sleep

Social connection

Avoidance of risky substances

Lifestyle is important throughout our lives, but it becomes more important as we age. For women, the natural decline in oestrogen levels in our bodies as we age increases the risk of certain chronic illnesses from which our oestrogen levels previously protected us. 

Lifestyle changes help to ease perimenopausal symptoms and prevent the onset of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, dementia, and depression.

Lynda will help you work out ways to feel better today and age gracefully, without disease.

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