How can I help you to get the most out of your GP consults?

GP’s are busy, we all know that. We have to get in and get our story out quickly and leave with the solution that improves our health. Are you nailing this? So many of my friends are either not feeling heard or not getting what they want.

If I wasn’t a health professional I think I would find seeing a GP time pressured and nerve wracking. We need to go for our health’s sake. It’s important so please keep going, I’ll make it easier for you. 

For me I hate financial stuff so going to the bank about money things makes me feel uneasy. I don’t know enough about what I don’t know. I don’t know the questions to ask. I feel flummoxed and dumb if they talk about interest rates or talk in financial language that is foreign to me.

I am a health professional. I love medical words. I understand them all (well most of them) and I know the things to be telling your doctor so they get the full picture.

My GP said to me a year ago, Lynda women are overwhelmed and confused with the information on perimenopause and HRT – why don’t you become the HRT Nurse? 

I could see she was struggling with the pressure load. If women could talk freely about everything (HRT and perimenopause related) with me this would make her 10 min consults more efficient. 

To be honest though last year was spent retraining as a nurse and I was so busy upskilling in acute Gynaecology and Practice Nursing that I wasn’t thinking about that suggestion from my own GP. 

I’ve come back down to earth from the buzz of last year. I realise I have 30 years of health and fitness knowledge, especially in women’s health. I know I can use all of my assessment skills and advise women about what to say in their GP consults to get the results they so desperately want. 

It must be hard for some women because they don’t know the medical terms or what to say to leave feeling heard and happy. I’m am sure it’s overwhelming at times. I’d feel flummoxed too. 

It’s funny though writing this because I have been emersed in health most of my life even before I trained as a Registered Nurse. I’ve actually never put myself in the shoes of someone who isn’t medical to feel what it must be like having medical conversations. 

My mother was a nurse and my grandmother was a nurse. A grew up talking about medical stuff and going into hospitals to pick mum up from work. I can still smell the corridors of Rotorua Hospital among the sulphur fumes. 

Medical stuff is in my DNA so to speak! I play to my strengths to help you feel empowered to nail your GP consult. This is especially important in perimenopause when  we are surrounded by too much information. I help you channel it to 10 mins in your GP consult. 

Remember I am offering free 30 MINUTE chats with me a Registered Nurse. Have you booked in yours? Peri to postmenopause, lifestyle and pelvic health I’ve got you covered. 

Email or private message me on Facebook. 

I’ve got you. You’ll be ok. It’s not scary  – promise! 

Lynda 😀

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