I’m definitely in perimenopause

You’re confident you are here but your symptoms aren’t managed well.

This consultation is for you if you’ve noticed some changes to your periods (heavier, more painful, skipped a few, noticed an increase in the length of your cycle, or you may not be menstruating). 

You may have seen your GP already and received confirmation that perimenopause is what’s happening for you, but your perimenopausal symptoms are still present and affecting your quality of life. 

A perimenopausal body deals with a lot of symptoms that can be debilitating. You may be noticing the systemic effects of low oestrogen, such as aching joints, lack of sleep, weight gain, vaginal dryness, prolapse, incontinence, vulval or urinary tract infections, or sexually transmitted infections or other pelvic health conditions. We ease the conversation here to improve health outcomes.

Lynda will help you put together a plan on how to manage your specific symptoms so you can live your life with as little disruption as possible. Lynda wants to help you to thrive, not just cope! 

In your sessions with Lynda she will recommend possible lifestyle changes to reduce your symptoms. We will also plan for the long term: post-menopausal bodies no longer have enough oestrogen to protect them from serious illnesses such as heart disease and osteoporosis.  It’s important to take steps to compensate for the loss of this protection to prevent these illnesses from becoming an issue down the track. 

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms booking a complimentary call with Lynda is advisable. Lynda will assess you and guide you on ways to manage your lifestyle to ease your symptoms. She’ll advise you how to talk to your GP or refer you to other health and fitness professionals within her network if necessary while she continues to look after you.

The main goal is for you to feel in control of your health and empower you to manage your symptoms yourself so you’ll feel better each day and enjoy life again. 

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