Natural menopause doesn’t feel natural if you are not prepared. 

Things can start to happen like insomnia, anxiety attacks, gut issues like bloating or mood changes like irritability, anger and rage 😡. 

There are 40 symptoms that you may feel. It’s helpful to be aware of these symptoms because you may feel them but still have regular periods to start with. 

Slowly the length of your menstrual cycle will change. You may experience changes to the flow, clots may appear, they may be more painful, or longer or shorter in duration. Then as things progress you’ll start to skip periods, and eventually skip a whole year (which is when you celebrate menopause)! 😀

There isn’t a blood test to check for perimenopause. The best thing is to know what the symptoms are, expect them in your forties, and know that your periods may change as well.

Some changes to your periods need checking with your GP like blood clots, very heavy flow or an increase in pain, because these symptoms may mean something else is going on for you. 

Below is a list of perimenopausal symptoms. Take a look to prepare yourself if you are about to enter your 40’s. 

Although there isn’t a test for perimenopause other health conditions can have similar symptoms and your GP can test for those i.e anaemia, thyroid issues or Vit B12 deficiencies and a range of other things. 

When you’ve reached menopause (no periods for one year) your follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) rises. Some women may wish to know this especially if you have a mirena or have no uterus (because for you there is no menstrual flow as a guide). 

You’ll be ok. You are starting to get a bit older and your reaching the end of your reproductive years. Let’s celebrate feel empowered and embrace this stage. 

Here’s a list of some of the symptoms. There’s not quite 40 here. Write in comments if you know more or if I’ve missed one! 

⭐️Changing cholesterol

⭐️Low libido

⭐️Loss of muscle/bone

⭐️Mood changes

⭐️Urinary tract infections

⭐️Vaginal dryness

⭐️Hot Flushes


⭐️Irregualr pwriods





⭐️Panic attacks


⭐️Decreasing fertility

⭐️Night sweats



⭐️Breast tenderness

⭐️Body odour change

⭐️Burning mouth syndrome


⭐️Electric shock syndrome

⭐️Formication (like ants running on your skin)

⭐️Hair changes

⭐️Headache and Migraines


⭐️Itchy skin

⭐️Joint pain

⭐️Muscle tension

⭐️Weight gain

⭐️Weakened fingernails

⭐️Tingling extremities

⭐️Prolapse symptoms

⭐️Pain during intercourse

⭐️Brain fog

There are many symptoms and that is because oestrogen receptors are found in almost every part of the body. The effects and symptoms are systemic. 

Long post I know, thanks for staying with me. 

We need to look after our health once oestrogen has stopped protecting us.   


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