Weight training

Twice a week weight training!

I am trying to do weight training twice a week because I know I need to for these reasons:

A) To keep my weight in check.

B) To keep my bones 🦴 and muscles strong as my oestrogen declines. 

C) To sleep better! Weight training zaps me. Today I had to have a power nap at 3pm after a weight training session at 9am. I know I will sleep better tonight. 

D) I can confidently lift everyday things when I’ve been weight training. This is important as we get older.

To keep accountable and motivated I see a personal trainer once a week and I do one session myself. 

Are you factoring in weight training twice a week? What’s stopping you…? 

Try popping it in your diary and it doesn’t have to be at a gym. Body weight is fine too. 

I can help you to make sure you get your weight training appointment in your diary in perimenopause/menopause. 

It’s so important. 

Lynda 👏😀

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